North Island, New Zealand

When my parents moved to New Zealand for a year (they left last October), I really hoped I’d be able to visit them but wasn’t sure if it would actually happen. Fortunately, it did, and even though I traded summer for winter, I’m excited to spend the next week exploring the North Island!

My parents are currently living in Whangerei, which is a few hours north of Auckland. This is their house.

I was a little jet-lagged when I got there (after a 13 hour flight from LA to Auckland, and a 30 minute flight from Auckland to Whangerei), but my parents were excited to show me one of their favorite coffee shops in town, Caffeine. Do I ever turn down a free coffee? Not usually. I had a macchiato…

and a caramel slice, which my mom says (after her very scientific study) is the best in New Zealand.

By the way, if you want to try making your own caramel slice, here’s a recipe to try.

Then we came home and I went for a run…

saw some cute sheep…

baked some flat muffins (not going to blog the recipe til I work the kinks out…stay tuned)

The next day, we drove up to the Northland, making a crucial detour at the Glow Worm Cave (trust me, I’m as bummed as you are that they don’t allow pictures inside, because it was REALLY cool).

There was a pretty little hike through the woods on the other side of the cave.

We kept heading north until we got to Ahipara, which is on the West Coast about 100 KM south of the northern tip of the North Island. I made some pasta with spinach and broccoli for dinner (yum).

This morning was windy and rainy but there were still some great views!

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6 comments to North Island, New Zealand

  • Looks awesome, Cate. I’m so jealous!

  • NZ, so cool! That shot with the trees/woods is pretty awesome. I bet the running biking there is endless, enjoy it

  • It looks like you’re having fun! I DO wish you could have taken pictures of the glow worm cave…because I will certainly never enter one!

  • Great pics! Every time I’ve been to New Zealand I’ve fallen in love, but admittedly I have not spent much time on the N. Island at all! How lucky you are to have the perfect excuse to go see such an awesome place!

  • Jen

    Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing your trip with us! I’ve never been to New Zealand but it’s definitely on the list of places I want to visit. Oh and the caramel slice looks amazing…

  • Adj

    Ahh so jealous! I used to live in Wellington and it breaks my heart not to be there anymore. If you have time, be sure to stop by Rotorua or if you make it to Welly, be sure to visit Te Papa, the Lido Cafe, and really any of the shops on Cuba Street. :)

    Ma te wa!

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