Cape Reinga

The weather has not exactly been beautiful the last couple days, but it’s New Zealand in the winter, so I can’t really say I’m surprised (and I grew up in Portland, so it’s not like I’m not used to rain). Even with the less than ideal conditions, we headed up to Cape Reinga at the far northern tip of the North Island.

The drive up was BEAUTIFUL! So green…and so many cute little sheep!

I was bummed a fence got in the way of this one.

Then there was this cute pig.

Normally I don’t really get excited about farm animals, but for some reason I just really wanted to take a lot of pictures of them today!

After passing the last gas station, we had about 20 KM to go and it was getting pretty foggy. I was a little worried we wouldn’t be able to see anything when we got to Cape Reinga, but it was actually OK.

We took a cold, rainy half mile walk from the parking lot down to the lighthouse.

Only about 5000 miles to LA!

Now we’re back in Ahipara, and tomorrow morning we’ll drive back down to Whangerei. As soon as we get there, I’m baking cupcakes, so I’ll have a fun recipe posted tomorrow!

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