Lemon Meringue Cupcakes

When I found out my former roommate and sorority grand-big-sis was engaged, I was obviously really excited for her. When she asked me to make the cupcakes for her wedding, I got even more excited. This weekend she and her fiance came to my town to do some wedding planning (because they’re getting married at a winery nearby) and wanted to do a cupcake tasting. Since I NEVER turn down the opportunity to bake, I was stoked that she wanted to try strawberry and lemon, two kinds of cupcakes I’d never made before.

These cupcakes are a little unusual because they have oil instead of butter, and a light meringue icing instead of buttercream. They were instantly a hit with the groom-to-be, who loves lemon meringue pie. If you like fluffy meringue, you’ll love these, but you could always do lemon buttercream if that’s more your style.


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The only change I made to the original recipe was to omit the lemon zest from the frosting.

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