The lamer side of Dublin

Nothing against Dublin, but this visit was not very much fun…I was sick for pretty much the whole time. So, I spent most of the time in the room in our hostel (and by the way, I’ve completely jumped on the hostel bandwagon – you can get a private room, it’s cheap, and some of them have kitchens!)

The first night, when I was still feeling okay, we went to a great traditional Irish music session at O’Donoghues.
Irish session

Walking home,we saw a beautiful sunset over the River Liffey.
Dublin sunset


And, we definitely made the most of the kitchen in the hostel. There wasn’t much more available than a microwave, stove top, and large frying pan, but we put together a little green curry and rice because we just can’t let go of Thailand. Okay, the sauce was from a packet, so it wasn’t too authentic, but it was decent!
hostel dinner

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