After a few hours in the wholly uninspiring town of Newcastle, Edinburgh was absolutely amazing. We stayed with a really fun couple who had this delightful feast waiting for us. Sausage, lamb, peas, mashed potatoes, carrots, and red cabbage, all drizzled with a nice big portion of gravy.
english dinner
The next day we wasted no time finding a pub so we could try haggis, the national dish of Scotland.
deacon brodies 2
If you don’t know what goes into making haggis, it’s probably best you remain uninformed. I was slightly hesitant, but it’s actually pretty good – essentially really flavorful crumbled sausage. It was served with “neeps and tatties” (mashed parsnips and mashed potatoes).
haggis neeps and tatties
I think my body is in shock with all this rich food and meat after all the brothy noodle soups in Thailand! I’m just happy to be able to wash it all down with a nice dark ale.

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5 comments to Edinburgh

  • kleverkira

    The sausage in the first picture looks SO good. And good for you trying haggis!

  • rebel

    OMG! I’m dying to go to Scotland… it looks so amazing! Glad the haggis wasn’t scary, I always wonder about things like that. Enjoy the non-spicy foods (and good beer) for me. =)

  • Cat

    it looks fantastic!
    funny story about haggis – I told my husband what was in it, and some time later at the grocery store I pick up hummus and he says “why are you buying that?! don’t you know what’s in it?!” it took me a while to figure it out, but he had it confused with haggis. hysterical.
    I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland, so I’m looking forward to what you do next! : )

  • I loved visiting scotland. Edinburgh was gorgeous, isn’t that castle in the center of town beautiful!? Enjoy your trip! (hopefully you can get out to see Loc Ness… amazing)

  • If it’s still there, you need to go to a bakery called Chocolate Soup. It’s amazing!!! I think it’s on Rose St or something like that (it’s a street that’s all pedestrian and has several restaurants & pubs).

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