Almost like the real Middle East!

Well, maybe not.  But Sukhumvit Soi 3 is certainly much more Middle Eastern than anywhere I’ve ever been.  After stepping off the tourist morass known as Sukhumvit road, the Middle Eastern cafés filled with men smoking shisha are an unexpected sight.

We strolled the length of the street before settling on this place, mainly because I love that the sign says “halal all the way” (and because I’ve never had Omani food).

omani restaurant

I was also intrigued by the lamb carcass at the entrance.

whole lamb

Mike really wanted to smoke some shisha (flavored tobacoo smoked with a water pipe), and I really wanted to eat some Middle Easten food.  This place fit the bill for both.

Mike said it was the best shisha he’d ever had (he got the apple flavor).

These kebabs were pretty good.  Excellent flavor, but a little dry.

The tabbouli was alright, and I thought it was funny that it was served with lime (but I guess that’s what you get in Thailand! I don’t think I’ve seen a lemon since we got here).

The hummus was incredibly creamy, but didn’t have enough garlic.  I was still happy just to be eating hummus, though!

It was fun to get out of our neighborhood and see something really different in Bangkok!
suk soi 3

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