A Brief Stop

The next leg of our flight brought us to Amsterdam, where we only had about 2 hours before we had to go get on a ferry. The city was covered with orange balloons in preparation for Queen’s Day, which I’m pretty sad we’re missing.
amsterdam street

We made the most of our time in Amsterdam by visiting this pub, which claimed to have “the real Dutch pub experience” AND “the best beer in town.” Really, how can you say no to that?
amsterdam pub

We sampled a few beers. It was nice to have something other than pale, bland Singha or Leo.

After our beers, we took a bus to the port town of Ijmuiden.
There, we boarded the DFDS Princess of Norway, bound for Newcastle. I hadn’t been on a big ship since I studied abroad on a ship for a couple months in 2006, and it brought back some memories.
DFDS Princess of Norway
Because my body was completely confused by jet lag, I was up just before the sun rose. I’m definitely going to need a nap soon.

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  • I just got back from Amsterdam 2 days ago, and definitely saw that pub when walking around :) Or, there are many “real Dutch pub experience” pubs around, who knows!!

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