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I was sitting at my living room table when I noticed that the light outside had become decidedly pink. I figured I might be in for a good sunset (I have NO idea which direction my balcony faces, but that’s beside the point), so I grabbed my camera and stepped outside to be greeted with this:

A sudden giddiness came over me, for several reasons.  One, I LOVE the fact that this is what I see off my balcony!  Yes, there are thousands of apartments with better city views than this, but this is mine and it makes me happy.

Two, I am positively enamored with thunderstorms.  Although this was not always the case (I was absolutely TERRIFIED of thunderstorms until I was about 16 years old), now I love them.  And it really helps that I know that every building in the entire city has a lightning rod on top, so I will definitely get struck by lightning and die.  Whew.

So, the combination of pretty pink light with the big thunderheads put a smile on my face and brightened up my dull, gray apartment.


And oh is my apartment ever dull and gray.  The tables, the chairs, the wardrobes, the bed frame, the sideboard, the walls, the ceiling…all GRAY.

But it’s my home for now, and I love the view, the location, and the fact that it has air conditioning, so it’s fine with me!

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3 comments to Brighten my day

  • rebel

    Yeah the storm tonight was INTENSE… I’ve never seen or heard lighting like that before. CRACK! I swear I thought i must be the end of the world, like, how could the entire sky explode like that and still exist?

    BTW – couch = awesome even if it is grey.

  • holy moly that is an intense and beautiful sky! so glad you caught a photo and posted to share. beautiful!

  • WOW! How INCREDIBLY beautiful!!!!!

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