Leaving Thailand

The sad day finally came…our visas were just about to expire.

We left Bang Saphan Yai on an early morning bus. For the first two hours, they were playing Thai pop karaoke DVDs, which were highly entertaining (as was watching the little boy sitting across the aisle sing along!)
Halfway through the ride, the bus stopped at a huge rest stop, which featured a restaurant, stands selling fruit, steamed buns, iced coffee, and pretty much any other food you might want on your bus ride.
Bottled mussels, perhaps?

The bus station in Bangkok is attached to a big shopping center, which offered all kinds of fast food.  Because we love being authentic and getting off the beaten path, we of course jumped at the chance to get a Dunkin Donut…


For future reference, skip the chocolate icing with coffee balls…they just don’t taste like coffee!

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