Hanoi Highlights

We’re back in Thailand after 11 days in Hanoi.  While we originally planned to travel the length of the country and into Cambodia, we cut the trip short for various reasons. Our plans have changed at least once a week for the duration of the trip (going on 3 months…) which would normally drive me crazy, but I’m learning to embrace it.

Some of my favorite things about Hanoi:

Food in Edible Wrappers:

Banh Cuon (rice flour pancakes with minced pork and mushrooms inside) Nem Ran (Spring Rolls)
img_6376 img_6260

People-watching around Hoan Kiem Lake

img_6401 img_6287-1

Seeing unusual things transported by motorbike:
Trees…or a dozen crates of empty beer bottles

img_6238 img_6251
Sidewalk restaurants:
It was a little challenging for Mike, who’s 6’2″, but we learned to embrace the tiny stools!

img_6441 img_6416

Amazing Pastries:
I’m not sure why they served our profiteroles with spoons, but they were delicious!

img_6405 img_6415

Ca Phe Sua Da:

I might even like this better than Thai Iced Coffee!  Incredibly strong black coffee served over ice with sweetened condensed milk.

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3 comments to Hanoi Highlights

  • rebel

    MMMMM…. everything looks yummy (‘cept the coffee, but that’s just not my thing). There’s a vietnamese restaurant in Rayong, and I love the edible wrappers too, and they serve a big ol’ bowl of herbs and greens with the meat dishes so you can pick and choose what you want in each little wrap. Delicious.

  • Mommy

    How is Ca Phe Sua Da different from Thai Iced Coffee?

  • brannyboilsover

    I’m thinking I could take some tips from the guy transporting plants with his scooter. I guess the weirdest thing I’ve carried on my scooter is a crockpot — quite a foodie I am!

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