Beer, Thai Style

I think the liquor license situation is a little more relaxed here than in California. And by a little, I mean I think there’s really no licensing at all, or if there is, it’s not enforced.

There’s a little convenience store on our street with a few tables out front, and there are almost always people sitting there drinking beer. You can just grab whatever you like out of the refrigerated case and bring it to your table.  In moments, a bucket of ice with tongs and a glass will appear.  

That’s right…they drink their beer with ice cubes here.  I guess it makes sense considering how hot it usually is, but I just can’t get behind the concept of watering down my beer and I think I’d rather just chug it cold than keep it cool with ice cubes, but I guess I can’t really say that with authority until I’ve actually tried it.  That’s on my to-do list…
Those beers with the ice cubes aren’t mine…they belong to two university students who hang out at the tables in front of the store all the time.  Basically any hour of the day, there are a few Thai students and a few Western students (taking the 4-week TEFL course at the university) practicing English and Thai with each other.  It’s amazing how much Thai I’ve picked up just by sitting at those tables.  Just buy the guys beer and you’re guaranteed to get help with your pronunciation for hours!
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  • Joelen

    I love how you’re learning Thai with beer! :) From what I know of my family in PI, ice cubes are just to cool it down and the beer isn’t always that great…. so watering them with ice cubes somewhat helps it go down easy! BTW, my husband has had Leo beer and you’ve triggers some memories for him with your post!

  • That Girl

    When in Rome…..
    Which is my excuse for lemonade in my beer in Austria….

  • Colleen

    I always love to learn about different types of booze! Hope you are having fun and keep up the great updates!

  • Rebel

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the beer… I can’t seem to develop a taste for it. I’m still looking for the right ‘pub’ type situation where I can just hang out and chat with people, glad you found one.

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