More Chinatown

In order to get to Pahurat from our hostel, we had to take the subway, then walk about a mile through Chinatown. It was a great chance to take some more pictures!

There were dozens of people painting gold symbols on red paper for Chinese New Year…
then hanging them up to dry.
Stall after stall had decorations…
And of course, the usual food vendors were lining the streets.  More plastic bags!
Dozens of men had numerous different talismans on display.  Shoppers would stop and get into very serious conversations about which they should buy.
There was durian – which smells absolutely horrendous but actually tastes pretty good.

The big prickly green fruits are pretty intimidating.  The vendor cuts them open with a machete, and pulls out the big fruit-covered sees.  Those are the yellow things on the styrofoam trays in the front.
Box after box of dried mushrooms…

Even a whole table full of dried squid!

I passed on the squid.
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